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CW Lumber Company was established in 2003 to produce Western Alder and Pacific Coast Maple lumber. Since our inaugural run of lumber, the CW Lumber Company has grown from two employees to 23 employees as we continue to reinvest in our operation.


CW Lumber operates out of a single location in the Santiam Canyon, a prime place for processing the beautiful hardwoods our region has to offer. We primarily produce kiln dried S2S random width alder, and purchase logs year round. 


Our lumber is kiln dried in all aluminum dry kilns that have heat recovery units installed and are heated by a wood waste fired boiler system. Along with the dry kilns, our onsite planer building features a Newman EPR 600 Helical head planer and sorting line⏤giving us complete control and oversight of our products. These investments enable us to produce consistent, quality, kiln dried and planed western hardwood.


We believe in a commitment of unwavering quality to our customers, thoughtful processes, and honest practices. As we continue to grow, it is these core values that continue to ring true and support our day to day operations at CW Lumber Company.

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